San Diego Deep House
Cleaning Services

Over time, there are areas of a home that accumulate layers of dirt. Many times, even regular cleaning just can’t take care of these overlooked areas. That is when having a professional deep cleaning is needed. Deep cleaning is different from regular house cleaning because it reaches the deep dirt and grime that can build up in a home over time.

Above and Beyond

At Presto Cleaning, we offer deep cleaning services that go above and beyond our usual house cleaning services. For families who are selling their homes, for landlords who are leasing a previously occupied unit or just for a home that needs a good thorough spring cleaning, we offer deep cleaning services in San Diego that fit your needs, schedule and budget.

A Facelift for Your Home

Depending on your needs and requirements, our deep cleaning services give your home a clean new facelift. We will thoroughly address every surface and corner of your home to ensure a clean that you just can’t get with weekly or monthly cleaning. These can include:


We will scrub down all showers, tubs, toilets, sinks and give extra attention to grout and breaking up any soap scum that may have accumulated over time. Light fixtures, mirrors, glass shower doors and window treatments will be cleaned with attention to any water spots that may have built up. All doorknobs and handles will be disinfected for germs. Under sinks and inside drawers will be cleaned upon request. All floor surfaces and baseboards will be cleaned and disinfected.


Interior and exterior of cabinetry and pantry will be cleaned with attention to grease buildup and interior corners that can accumulate crumbs and debris. Stovetop and vent, oven and microwave will be thoroughly cleaned in order to remove any greasy accumulation and built-up food residue. Refrigerator will be cleaned and disinfected and coils and vent will be dusted. Floor surfaces will be mopped and disinfected. Sink and countertops will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Common Living Areas

All floors will be vacuumed and mopped moving each piece of furniture to get to the area’s underneath. Baseboards, windowsills, lighting fixtures, blinds and ceiling fans will be wiped down for accumulated dirt and cobwebs. All cushions will be removed and vacuumed underneath and in crevices. All surfaces will be thoroughly dusted.


All floors will be vacuumed and mopped under and behind beds and large pieces of furniture focusing on hard to reach areas and corners. Smaller furniture will be moved in order to get to any accumulated dust and dirt. All baseboards, blinds and windowsills will be dusted and wiped down. Floors will be vacuumed and mopped. If requested, closet shelves will be wiped down.

Experienced and Certified

If you need deep cleaning services in San Diego, Presto Cleaning offers nearly four decades of experience in household and deep cleaning services. As HCT certified cleaners, we take cleaning to a new level of expertise and leave your home not only clean but safe. Call us today at 619-366-0886 to discuss any of your deep cleaning needs. difference is that with deep cleanings we move all the furniture around as with move in and out cleanings there is no furniture.

Sanitizing & cleaning are even more essential now. We take additional precautions to protect against viruses and to keep you and our employees safe in your home.

New policies include wearing masks as per the governor’s guidance, wearing a new pair of gloves at each home, and paid sick leave for employees. And all of our employees are fully COVID vaccinated. And if you ever get flu symptoms, please notify us and we will reschedule your house cleaning