Recurring House Cleaning
in San Diego

If you have a busy family like most of us, it can be hard to stay caught up on house cleaning. Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else tackle this for you?

At Presto Cleaning, we offer San Diego recurring house cleaning packages that will suit your budget and your busy schedule perfectly. No more scrambling to clean up when a last-minute guest shows up. No more wasting your weekends cleaning. With our weekly, biweekly or monthly recurring services, you can spend that time doing the things that really matter.

Why Hire Cleaning Professionals for Recurring Cleaning Services?

Improve What Visitors Think of You

Cleaning is an essential part of life. And whether you clean your home often or not, you’re probably embarrassed if someone stops by when your house is a mess. People who don't clean their homes often don't invite people over, and that can have an unfortunate effect on your social life.

Hiring a recurring cleaning service can make you more comfortable about inviting people over. Regular cleaning creates a safer, more welcoming environment for guests -- and you’ll be more proud to show your home off!

More Free Time, Less Stress

Fulfilling obligations is an essential part of life. Even if you genuinely enjoy working or cleaning, there’s probably something you like doing even better! And everybody likes to escape from their responsibilities from time to time. By having home cleaning professionals take care of your regular housework responsibilities, you'll have more free time to spend however you please. This extra time could improve your mood and reduce stress levels.

Find Relief From Allergies

Many people find themselves sneezing, wiping a runny nose or rubbing their itchy eyes when trees release pollen in spring. But if you’re having allergy problems all year round, there might be another culprit to blame! You might be surprised to learn that poor indoor air quality can cause year-round allergy symptoms. Our experienced cleaners will improve your home's indoor air quality, potentially giving you relief from allergies.

Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

Recurring house cleaning or maintenance cleaning means that we take care to prevent buildup of dirt by coming periodically. A recurring schedule can ensure that cleaning doesn’t ever become an overwhelming task. We try to make sure that you get the same cleaning staff every time, so they are particularly familiar with your home’s requirements.

By having scheduled recurring cleaning in San Diego, you can alleviate things such as a buildup of mold and mildew, hard water and mineral deposits, rust stains, food stains, pet hair or dust accumulation. Keeping up with consistent cleaning always keeps your home clean and healthy. We offer weekly, biweekly or monthly recurring schedules so you can trust that your home will be clean when you need it most.

At Presto Cleaning, We Offer You

Customized cleaning

A recurring cleaning schedule that works with your schedule

Reliable service

Experience Matters

With nearly four decades of combined experience, we understand how to clean your home with our time-tested processes. Being HCT certified, we have taken the added step of ensuring that your home is not only clean but also healthy. Our ARCSI and IICRC membership ensure that you are getting the best practices in the industry.

Locally Owned and Operated

We understand that inviting someone into your home can feel very vulnerable. At Presto Cleaning, we are locally owned and operated and not a franchise. We are bonded and insured and every member of our cleaning team has undergone rigorous screening, background checks and professional training so you can trust that your home is safe and secure with us on the job. When we aren’t actively using your house key, it is kept locked in a safe for your added protection.

Have Questions?

For a clean and healthy home, look no further than Presto Cleaning. We offer safe and flexible recurring house cleaning in San Diego. Let us show you how we can develop a plan to fit your schedule and budget. Call us at 619-366-0886.

Sanitizing & cleaning are even more essential now. We take additional precautions to protect against viruses and to keep you and our employees safe in your home.

New policies include wearing masks as per the governor’s guidance, wearing a new pair of gloves at each home, and paid sick leave for employees. And all of our employees are fully COVID vaccinated. And if you ever get flu symptoms, please notify us and we will reschedule your house cleaning